Rajeesh Kumar Director of the movie said “The Fact” will be a unique blend of the storyline,

Mumbai- The city of Dreams has produced one of the finest Directors to the Bollywood.

Today we are going to talk about another young and dynamic director of Bollywood, Mr Rajeesh Kumar. Coming from Delhi, Mr Kumar holds the charm of giving life to an abstract idea.

Every Director has the dream of making the commercial critical successful film and with the same dream, Mr Kumar came to Mumbai. He was certain that his innate tendencies of converting abstracts into comprehensive success stories will be recognized one day.

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Mr Kumar started his career in 2010, as an Assistant Director, to upskill his skill set and to learn the basics of the field.

In 2013, he got an opportunity to direct independent Hindi feature film, “Pyaar Mein Aisa Hota Hai”. The movie garnered a positive response from experts in the field, especially when the things come to the direction.

As everyone says, the success of the very first movie will decide the future of directors. Keeping the spirit high and faith in his determination, Mr Kumar kept working hard in the field and now he is coming up with his new Hindi feature film, “The Fact”.

Mr. Kumar said ” The Fact is my Dream project and I have put all my efforts in this movie. We are going to complete this movie in July.” Adding to it, he gives some hints on star cast as well. He said, “Big Boss fame Sapna Chaudhari did one song as a guest appearance.”

The movie will get ready for release in November. I am sure the audience will find the movie worth watching as a story line.

At the same moment that Mr Kumar is also working on a Dance Reality Show, which will be completed at the end of this year.

About his future projects, Mr. Kumar said he has few movies in the pipeline, besides the direction of Dancing and Singing Reality shows.

“A film director doesn’t just need to know the technical skills of filmmaking. A film director has to be a leader, a networker, a motivator, a problem solved and above all, a story teller, ” Kumar said and added that a director has to be intuitive enough to be able to tell a captivating story by capturing the right footage on camera.

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